Spring barley
End use 

> Highest yielding fully approved spring barley on RL
> UK and European export markets
> Excellent agronomic profile
> Excellent grain quality
> Consistent performer

RGT Planet is the highest yielding spring barley on the Recommended List that is fully approved for brewing use. It has cemented its number 1 position after another good year in the field and in trials. It is agronomical strong and produces excellent quality grain, traits that have helped it become the leading spring barley in the UK. It will also be the most widely grown spring barley variety across Europe in 2018, providing plenty of opportunities for growers to market their grain. RGT Planet has become widely accepted by end users across the whole of Europe after the early acceptance by the IBD, CBMO and Heineken. RGT Planet is also gaining a strong following among livestock farmers across the UK thanks to its excellent yield and stiff, plentiful straw.

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RGT Planet Spring BarleyPDF File - 988.61 KB - 21 Feb 2018