> Very early maturity
> Excellent starch content
> Very good digestibility
> Excellent Eyespot resistance

RAGT’s main selection criteria for forage maize varieties are high yield and earliness, with improvements to starch content, digestibility and metabolisable energy. Standing ability and disease resistance are also key.

RGT Duxxbury was available in limited quantities for 2017 and is certainly one to watch in 2018. It has excellent quality, including high starch levels and good digestibility, and retains a good yield score despite being one of the earliest in official trials. RGT Oxxgood, now in its third year, continues to perform strongly in the field and is available for this coming season, as is our most popular variety, RGT Agiraxx. RGT Bradley and RGT Exxtens have gained a reputation for reliability and maintain a loyal following.

Download datasheet for this variety 
RGT Duxxbury Forage MaizePDF File - 936.78 KB - 21 Feb 2018