Fodder Beet

> The highest proportion of bulb above ground
> Higher than any other commercially available variety
> High energy feed option
> Very good palatability for all livestock classes
> Lowest bulb DM% available (up to 13%) = true mangel type
> Can yield up to 20-40t DM/ha
> Proven over ten-thousands of hectares

RGT Brigadier is a traditional polyploid, mangel type fodder beet with orange roots. Brigadier fodder beetsits higher out of the soil (>60%) compared to other forms of fodder beet. This is ideal for grazing in situ by all livestock classes. Its high sugar level and soft bite make it very palatable. The roots of Brigadier are typically high in energy but low in crude protein. The tops have a lower energy value but good crude protein levels. Together they form a balanced nutritional feed.

Fodder beet is a well-known crop, but with modern management practices it is gaining rapid interest
for its ability to produce very high yields of high quality forage. It is typically sown in spring using specialist seeders and has a 4–6 month growing period. Brigadier offers new potential and is capable of producing up to 40t DM/ha for late autumn and winter grazing.


Download datasheet for this variety 
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