Oilseed Rape
Maturity group 

> High oil content
> Superb agronomic package
> Consistent performance year on year
> The hybrid that delivers for all regions
> Excellent light leaf spot resistance (LLS)

RGT Alizze is the highest gross output hybrid with full UK recommendation. It was added to the 2016-17 Recommended Lists for the both the North and East/West regions and it has maintained its consistent performance since then. Its very high gross output in the north, and almost equal performance in the east and west regions, makes it one of the first contenders on any grower’s list. This performance reflects Alizze’s strong agronomic profile, including superior light leaf spot resistance, good spring vigour and strong straw, which makes it suitable for heavy soils.

Download datasheet for this variety 
RGT Alizze Oilseed Rape PDF File - 271.08 KB - 20 Feb 2018