Perennial Ryegrass


> Consistently high yields under both grazing and conservation management
> High quality
> Excellent disease resistance

RAGT’s grass breeding programme aims to produce high yielding, high quality varieties with excellent resistance to disease (in particular crown rust and dreschlera). Varieties are screened across three locations in the UK before entering the National List trials.

RGT Bijou is a late perennial tetraploid with a heading date of 31st May. Yielding particularly well under conservation management it also has excellent early grazing yields. Like all RAGT grass varieties it has very good resistance to crown rust, drechslera and mildew. RGT Bijou is also a first choice variety for Scotland.

Download datasheet for this variety 
RGT Bijou Perennial Ryegrass PDF File - 822.13 KB - 21 Feb 2018